Left to right: Kermit the Frog, Edward Eyth - Creative Director, the Jim Henson Company.

Left to right: Kermit the Frog, Edward Eyth - Creative Director, the Jim Henson Company.


Edward Eyth is a creative director, designer, sculptor and visual arts educator.  He has worked closely with film makers, artists, start-ups, developers, architects, museum curators, community representatives and amphibians.  He currently consults on  creative projects and acts as a visiting educator, teaching design & digital art courses and sculpture workshops.

With over twenty-five years experience he has conceived & implemented creative initiatives working in physical and digital environments across entertainment, technology and consumer products, with an overarching philosophy: to make elegant, simple work – work that’s based on user experience.  

His client list of leading innovators, celebrated artists, Fortune 500 companies and internationally recognized organizations documents his passion for successful creative problem solving. 

His most notable fine art/sculpture achievements and awards are 2013 Sport Artist of the Year honors from American Sport Art Museum and Archives, First Place Award in The Nude In Contemporary Art (a national juried exhibition), and in 2008 Eyth was honored as the only living artist selected for inclusion in the Laguna Beach Festival of Arts “Pageant of the Masters” program. Eyth’s figurative sculpture “Balance” was selected to represent the U.S. in the 2008 International Olympics Art Competition, and in 2007 his “Olympic Spirit” sculpture was a finalist in the Beijing Olympics Sculpture Design and part of a touring exhibition conducted by the Beijing Olympic Committee in major cities around the world.

Edward's career included residences in New York City and Los Angeles; he currently resides in central Florida with his wife and two sons.